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Guang Dong Ling Xiao Pump Industry Co. Ltd. was established in 1977. In more than 46 years, we only focus on and specialize in motors and pumps manufacturing. Our company was listed on Shen Zhen SME stock market in July 11,2017. The listed name is ” Ling Xiao Pump Industry” and stock code is “002884”.

The major products of Ling Xiao Pumps include stainless steel pumps, Hydro Massage Pumps, Clear Water Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Industrial In- line Pumps, Chemical pump and so on. Our annual production capacity has more than 4.5 million pumps with the help of standardizing, specializing and Large scale production line and our products have been developed to more than 1000 varieties. Our sales network covers all around the world. Our pumps are widely used for Hydro Massage bathtub, swimming pool & SPA system, water treatment system, Cool/Hot water supply system, secondary constant pressure water supply system. fire-fighting water supply system, air conditioning/ Geothermal water circulation system,wind power generation water circulation system, sewage system, rainwater collection system, spray system, underground water lifting system, landscape fountain system, sea water pumping, home supercharge and agricultural irrigation and other fields.



117 Chunjirang Road, Yangchun, Guangdong Province, China

(0662) 7706242

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