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It is my great honour and pleasure to announce the 9th Asian Regional Conference on Irrigation and Drainage and the 75th IEC Meeting of ICID, which will take place from 1 to 7 Sept 2024 at the International Convention Centre of Sydney (ICC) in New South Wales, Australia. On behalf of ICID thus, allow me to convey my warmest invitation to all ICID member countries, to scientist and researchers, Academics, International Organizations and political leaders all over the world dealing with sustainable water use and food security issues, to participate in these important events.

The theme of this 2024 Asian Regional Conference will be “Irrigation’s role in delivering economically viable food security and sustainable urban green spaces, in an increasingly unpredictable climate”. The theme clearly highlights how the world is undergoing a global water crisis, from north to south, depicting alarming scenarios, where drought no longer seems to be an emergency, but rather a structural event. Hence, some of the key questions that the scientific community and decision makers are repeatedly being asked, all over the world, are: “What consequences are the recurrent droughts having on the agricultural sector? What will be the social and environmental impact of these? Will these extreme events have an impact on food security? Is it possible to save water under recurrent periods of drought like the ones we are facing?”. These questions clearly show that addressing water issues and especially water saving is a very complex matter, especially as today we often find ourselves providing water to crops that had never needed to be irrigated before. On the other hand, we try to provide farmers with the most advanced innovations on irrigation techniques and methods, teaching them how to choose the right time and the correct amount of water to apply in order to have maximum yields, both from the economic and qualitative point of view. But in a global context of unpredictable climate change and under the aleatory background of increasing production costs: energy sustainability is the other, paramount challenge the world is facing.

Hence, for these reasons but not only for these, I can say that coming to the 9th Asian Regional Conference and attend the 75th IEC Meeting of ICID will be a truly inspiring experience, both from the scientific and cultural point of view. I am sure Irrigation Australia and the ICID Australian National Committee IACID will leave nothing to chance nor anything unexploited for the success of this event, in order to ensure learning and hospitality at its best, surely providing a memorable experience. For this purpose, IACID has been arranging very interesting programmes for the accompanying persons, as well as several exciting study tours for the participants, including places of cultural importance and historical heritage.

Therefore, I would like to extend my most friendly invitation to all the delegates to join the 9th Asian Regional Conference on Irrigation and Drainage, the 75th IEC Meeting of ICID and the Irrigation Australia National Conference & Exhibition that will be held in Sydney, Australia in next September.

I will be looking forward to meet you all there.

Dr. Tsugihiro Watanabe Vice President of ICID Chair of the Asian Regional Working Group of ICID