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Who is TIACS?

TIACS is a free, mental health counselling service for tradies, truckies, rural and blue-collar workers.

After successfully launching their social enterprise workwear company TradeMutt, founders Ed and Dan saw a great need to remove the barriers that prevented hard working Australians from accessing professional mental health counselling.

TIACS removes the physical and financial barriers to accessing help through a simple text and call service directly to professional counsellors.

Who can use this service?

TIACS provides professional mental health counselling to Australia’s blue-collar community. TIACS also provides counselling services to anyone who may be a carer, friend or loved one of a blue-collar worker who is doing it tough.

At TIACS we won’t turn anyone away. We provide support of up to 2 counselling sessions where we provide information and resources and connect people to the right service they may need.

What is Blue Collar?

Blue Collar is a term relating to people who typically work in jobs that require manual labour like: Construction; Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing; Mining; Manufacturing; Electricity, Gas, Water, Waste Services; Transport, Postal & Warehousing.

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