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Join us for an exclusive opportunity to explore the cutting-edge of irrigation and drainage technology with our limited-spot technical tours in Sydney, Shoalhaven, and the Hunter Valley.

Experience firsthand the latest advancements in water management, witness groundbreaking projects, and connect with industry experts. Whether you’re a professional, enthusiast, or simply curious, these tours offer invaluable insights and networking opportunities in some of Australia’s most picturesque regions.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this unique journey—book your spot today and see the future of irrigation and drainage unfold!

All three tours will be taking place on the same day with only one tour available to attend.

Tour 1: Sydney Region

Explore the site for the Aerotropolis Integrated Water Strategy and the Picton Water Resource Recovery Facility.

Aerotropolis Integrated Water Strategy

The Aerotropolis Integrated Water Strategy is a pioneering initiative in NSW greenfield urban planning and is set to be Australia’s largest stormwater harvesting scheme. This strategy integrates total water cycle management with strategic land use planning, aligning with NSW Government objectives for urban greening, water conservation, and waterway health.  Irrigation of open spaces for public amenity using captured and recycled water is a key component of the strategy.

Key Components

  1. Multi-functional Green Infrastructure:
    • Designed to enhance liveability, sustainability, and resilience in Western Sydney.
    • Regional wetlands and trunk drainage channels serve dual purposes of stormwater treatment and community recreation.
    • Green spaces are designed to remain cool and green year-round, supported by recycled wastewater for irrigation.
  2. Recreational and Community Benefits:
    • Stormwater infrastructure includes cycle and walking paths, picnic spaces, playing fields, and playgrounds.
    • Contributes to the Parkland City vision with a network of cool, green open spaces.

Algae and Wetlands Improving Wastewater Treatment

Sydney Water is trialling natural treatment systems at Picton to reduce bioavailable nutrients in wastewater, including:

  1. Macroalgae Bioremediation:
    • Utilizes native green macroalgae (RegenAquaTM) to capture nutrients and contaminants from wastewater.
    • Operates at Picton Water Resource Recovery Facility since February 2023, showing significant reductions in nutrient concentrations (80-90%) and contaminants (over 99%).
  2. Sustainability and Circularity:
    • Uses local algae species to avoid ecological disruption.
    • Converts waste nutrients into high-quality biomass, usable for organic fertilisers, bioplastics, biofuels, and other products.
    • Demonstrates potential for reduced energy and chemical use in wastewater treatment.

This strategy and its components represent a significant advancement in urban water management, contributing to a sustainable and liveable future for Western Sydney.

Tour 2: Shoalhaven Region

Come join us to hear about agriculture and horticulture irrigation case studies around and to the South of Sydney, Shoalhaven Region.

You will visit the Callala Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) including its bulk storage, distribution storage and chlorination facility along with the treated water distribution network/ grid for the region, followed by some of the dairy and other farms using that water for fodder irrigation and other purposes.

There will be an opportunity to meet some of the owners and discuss the benefits and challenges of the scheme.

On the way back, visit the Kiama Blowhole. The blowhole was formed from basalt lava flows approximately 260 million years ago and was first discovered by local Aboriginals who named it ‘Khanterinte’. It attracts approx. 900,000 visitors a year!  We are told by locals that there is a better than 50% chance of spotting a migrating whale at that time of year.

You will depart from the International Convention Centre (ICC) at 7am and return approx. 4pm.


The Reclaimed Effluent Management Scheme (REMS) is a major water recycling project funded by Shoalhaven City Council, the NSW and Commonwealth Governments, and individual irrigators. REMS Stage 1A, which cost $34 million, began in January 2002. It supports irrigation for 22 dairy farms, a golf course, and various sports grounds over 500 hectares.

Key components include:

  • Coonemia Bulk Storage: Holds 600ML for wet weather storage and dry period use.
  • Bulk Storage Return Pump Station: Pumps reclaimed water when demand exceeds supply.
  • Callala Wastewater Treatment Plant: Built to provide tertiary treated water.
  • Distribution Mains: An 18km pipeline system serving agricultural land.
  • Farm Balance Ponds & Flow Control Works: Stores daily irrigation supply with automated control valves for rationing during low supply periods.

Tour 3: Hunter Region

Tour 3 is still being finalised… Stay tuned for a confirmed itinerary.

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