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Welcome from Asia Working Group

Agricultural water management, focusing on irrigation and drainage, is increasingly tasked with achieving sustainable development goals. These goals, including ensuring a stable food supply and environmental conservation, must be accomplished amid changing climates and unstable international situations, presenting ever more complex and serious challenges. In this context, it is imperative to continually enhance infrastructure with the participation and cooperation of all relevant stakeholders. Particularly in the Asian region, where numerous developing countries with growing populations depend on stable food production, this effort emerges as a pressing issue.

Against this backdrop, the 9th Asian Regional Conference (ARC) organized by the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) is scheduled to take place in Sydney, Australia – a leading nation in irrigation and basin water management in the Asia-Pacific region. While the conference’s main theme is “The role of irrigation” in the aforementioned challenges, an additional and unique theme of “sustainable urban spaces” has been introduced. This theme emphasizes the crucial linkage between agriculture and rural areas, as well as basins and urban environments, marking it as a significant aspect of the future.

The anticipated conference is expected to draw nearly 1,000 researchers, engineers, practitioners, and farmers from around the world, with a specific focus on the Asian region, including the host country, Australia. The Australian National Committee of ICID (IACID), in collaboration with Irrigation Australia as a powerful partner, has successfully hosted two major ICID meetings – the 7th ARC and the 24th International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage – in Adelaide in 2007 and 2022, respectively. Similar great outcomes are anticipated for this year’s 9th ARC. I eagerly look forward to meeting with many stakeholders in Sydney to share and discuss the results of their activities and the latest technologies.

Dr. Tsugihiro Watanabe Vice President of ICID Chair of the Asian Regional Working Group of ICID